testimonials iconr1_ds“We have worked with Urban Partners Construction on multiple projects over the past four years. Urban Partners has an impeccable relationship with their sub-contractors, well managed staff and project managers, along with real-time problem-solving skills. We have worked with Urban Partners on complicated residential rehabilitations to commercial projects ranging from 500 thousand to 3.50 million dollars with complete ease. We would highly recommend working with Urban Partners Construction.”

Southern Table Hospitality

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testimonials iconr1_ds“We have engaged Construction Services with Urban Partners on three separate projects in the past two years, due to the great experience, we have recommended them to colleagues and plan to hire them for the large medical office project this year. Addition to construction services, I have also engaged them for Development support services which as been tremendous help with my busy schedule these days. I have hired them in multiple cases to provide development, design, and construction services for different phases of our projects. Not only have they made my life easier, they have also saved us measurable amounts of money in the value engineering of the projects prior to construction starting and continuing through completion.

One of the recent projects I have completed with Urban Partners was a 26,643- sf ground up shopping center, Diane’s Natural Market. The second job was to perform an office building renovation of the interior, exterior and the roof in Jacksonville. The third and most recent was our new corporate office build-out. Each of these projects were completed within the estimated schedules, no change orders (outside the ones we have created) with cost consciousness and high quality.

One of the things I most enjoy working with Urban Partners is that whenever issues and/or potential changes came up in the project, they would outline the issues clearly and present options for modifications and clearly explain any affect on project costs. I believe Urban Partners is a company with integrity and the commitment to follow-though to completion to their customer’s satisfaction. They are also good with service after the completion, in many cases they have continued to help service the projects and assist in modifications at our request well beyond their warranty periods becoming a permanent part of our team.

I have no hesitation in giving my highest recommendation to Edmundo, Ronnie and their staff in any project big or small.”

Cross Regions Real Estate

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testimonials iconr1_ds“We have recently remodeled the former J. Johnson Art Gallery and Museum with Urban Partners and enjoyed working with them. We have awarded Urban Partners with several of our commercial projects including a mixed-use building with rooftop. They have been involved from the initial design reviews through the current construction and have added value during each step of the project. They have been diligent in maintaining the schedule and budget, even with challenging design changes arising during construction.

We feel that they genuinely care about our projects as if they were their own. We intend to continue utilizing this team for future projects.”


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testimonials iconr1_ds“After being highly recommended by one of Jacksonville’s top commercial brokers, I contracted Urban Partners Construction for the build-out of our 17,500 square foot St. Johns Town Center retail store in Jacksonville, Florida – the first of several projects that we have now completed with them.  Throughout each project the Urban Partners team has displayed uncommon courtesy, extreme professionalism and a sincere desire to complete the project correctly, the first time.”

Comp USA

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testimonials iconr1_ds“Our particular project was one that was very well suited for the team at Urban Partners Construction. We are a software company that prides itself on the funky and creative.  Similarly, our office was designed to be a working environment that was a bit free-form, still functional and very contemporary.”


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testimonials iconr1_ds“We have recently completed the build out of our new corporate offices with the team from Urban Partners and the experience was nothing short of first class. We can honestly say that their patience, enthusiasm for the project and the flexibility that these gentlemen offered went far beyond what we expected and experienced with other contractors.”

United Directories

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testimonials iconr1_dsIt was truly a pleasure working with Urban Partners.  I dealt directly with one or more of the partners on-site daily.  They were always professional, understood the logistics of our operations and understood our level of urgency even when called to the Pub in the middle of the night to address problems.

Lynch’s Irish Pub

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testimonials iconr1_ds“Regency Centers has worked with a number of capable contractors in the State of Florida over the last many years, and Urban Partners Group is among a group we would consider a strong performer, that provides the service we depend on to complete a successful project.

Regency Centers

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testimonials iconr1_ds“As a business owner and physician, I see the value in working with a company such as Urban Partners. They assisted us in planning and cost analysis for an upcoming expansion. Additionally, they have been a resource to us as we plan expansion in markets outside of Jacksonville.

Crucial Care

testimonials iconr1_dsOur company relocated our executive team to Jacksonville back in 2007. We met Urban Partners in the process of building our corporate office in the Metropolitan in Jacksonville Beach. We still reside there today and have utilized Urban Partners to combine our initial office with the additional acquisition of the neighboring office. The projects have always been organized and efficient, as well as transparent in project costs. They have always been diligent in keeping the budgets in line, and the schedule on time. We have enjoyed the office for over ten years now and it has held up the test of time and heavy use. From as early as our initial project, we have developed friendships with Ronnie and Edmundo that are still strong to this day.

In addition to the continued friendships, we still use Urban Partners Construction on various investment projects. They really are a vital part of the team and we highly recommend them to our friends and associates. The development and engineering background that they offer is extremely valuable to our bottom line and the quality of our projects.

Caddie Master

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